As a result of an encouraging message put out by Nancy L. DeMoss on scripture memorization, I have begun to attempt to memorize the entire book of Romans. I chose the book of Romans because it seems to be the book I am always needing to quote from, but I never can. For most of you, memorizing a whole book of the Bible seems impossible, but, by taking one verse at a time, it has been amazing to experience what a tremendous blessing it has been.

As I was working on Romans 1:9 this morning, the thought occurred to me, “wouldn’t it be great if I could quote that verse to someone, and really mean it?” Of course after careful analysis of my prayer life I sadly realized that I am far from being able to tell someone that 1.) God is my witness, 2.) That this God is the same God I serve through the giving of the gospel of His Son, and 3.) I haven’t stopped mentioning you, not even once in my prayer time.

How many awful times have I seen a fault in a brother or sister and instead of praying for them, avoiding them or thinking evil of them? Too many to even count! Even in the times that God has really impressed it upon my heart to pray for someone, have I prayed without ceasing? No! It is no wonder fellowship is sometimes strained.

I have experienced the joy of praying for someone whom I was hurt with and in turn God changed my attitude toward them and gave me a tremendous love for that person. But, how much more would that be magnified if I prayed without ceasing for that precious soul? Are our souls so much more valuable that we think it not worthy of our time to pray for another, even if our relationship with that person is not in good terms? Do we think ourselves so much better that when someone hurts our feelings, we retaliate by not praying for them? “Well, he or she hurt me, so why should I pray for them?”

I will be the first one to scream, “I am guilty, I am guilty!” and believe or not these words are piercing me even as I write them. May the Lord teach me to be merciful, even as He has been merciful to me. As Christ hung on the cross, He cried out to God, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do!” What mercy to pray for those that tortured and killed Him! And I can’t even manage to pray for someone who hurt my feelings!

“Great God, how infinite art Thou!
What worthless worms are we!”

Forgive me gracious Father, and change me. Make me to pray without ceasing for all of my brothers and sisters, that I may see them as you see them. In Jesus’ Name –


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